Utility bills are anticipated monthly which is quite a challenge for some people to pay for it. They aim for it to be reduced in order to have cheaper electricity in Queensland. Though some live in locations where there aren't enough options to save, they still wish to conserve whenever possible.

To save on electricity, there are many ways to get it done. If you really want to cut down the bill, you can opt to go green. Though this can be expensive in the beginning, you still have the choice to modify your way of life or how you run your household to make huge savings around the daily budget.

There are 12 methods to go easy on energy usage:

1. Substitute halogen or incandescent light bulbs with LED or compact fluorescent. This will save you as much as $50 every month.

2. Drafts in doors and windows ought to be sealed up. There is a significant amount of heat or cool air that can pass through in a single draft. 3. Appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher or dryer consume a lot of energy. Only use them if necessary, like if you have tons of laundry and filthy dishes to do. During summer time, the clothes dryer can take it's rest. Clothing can be hanged outside to dry.

4.Turn off the TV when you are not watching. Unplugged also the cable box and digital receiver when not in use.

5. Unplug the computer when not in use. It is better to let your laptop computer run on battery power than have it plugged all day long. Keep in mind, even if it is on stand by, it is still utilizing power.

6. Acquire low flush toilet for the bathroom. Just use enough water when washing. A bath tub that is loaded with water as well as letting it drain consumes a lot energy.

7. It is better to use a microwave when heating up small meals. Stoves should be used if it is for larger meals.

8. Clean or replace ac filters every month. A dirty filter makes the AC work harder.

9. Lower down the central heating system and buy a personal radiant heating unit to keep the cold out without using a lot energy.

10. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

11. To make use of electricity only if needed, movement sensors as well as timers should be installed.For fridges to run efficiently, the coils should be cleaned at least twice a year and the seals of the door must be tight.

12. Make life simple by using less power. Stop throwing away your cash, electricity prices will go high in the next years and it will be good to begin saving now.